How to Register IMEI Number in Bangladesh

The process of mobile IMEI Registration in Bangladesh is easy and simple. You can fill out an online registration form enter your cell phone IMEI and then have a fresh one made at no cost. It’s fast easy and simple, as well as has many qualifiers. We will go over how to apply for an IMI number for Bangladesh.

how to register imei number in bangladesh

What is IMEI?

IMEI is the unique identifier that can be used for identifying GSM, WCDMA, iDEN mobile phones, and certain satellite phones. The majority of phones have only the same IMEI number, however, dual SIM phones include is a site that contains information about the IMEI number of the device.

If you own a phone that has a different IMEI (such as those for multiple services) it will display the various IMEIs of that country.

How to Register IMEI Number in Bangladesh

The mobile IMEI enrollment for Bangladesh is now simple and straightforward. How do you enroll with your IMEI numbers in Bangladesh? Mobile phones that are registered are able to be used for communications. The fact that non channel mobile sets can’t be registered on the network and only valid channel imported cell phones can run is taken as a sign.

We need an agreement between the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and Synesis IT to plant the database of The site will be able to store EMEIs for all devices, including notebooks and kings, as well as less expensive models, before June 30th, 2021.

BTRC IMEI Check System

Since the 1st of July in 2021, all customers should check the phone number of their mobile before making a purchase. This can be used to be sure that your mobile device has the correct customer service and is in need of the right customer service. Anyone can look up the IMEI from the device in his hand with the help of an IMEI code. BTRC code. The mobile user must follow the following steps to check the IMEI.

To check the validity of your IMEI number, click the message option, and then select ” Mobile IMEI number is 15 digits.” Then you’ll receive the reply message that contains your mobile’s IMEI number. If your mobile’s IMEI number has a 13-digit number. A lot of hands are equipped with two IMEIs Numbers because they are having two SIM in one mobile.

BTRC Mobile IMEI Registration Check Code:

If you’re using a mobile phone that is handheld You can check the registered or unregistered phone number on the BTRC database with no effort. Enter your IMEI number for your phone in the message field and transmit it to the 16002 phone number.

The procedure to get the status of your mobile’s registration can be accomplished by rerunning messages. However, it is crucial to follow the steps below to obtain the outcome:

KYD<15 digit IMEI number> and send number to 16002

Mobile IMEI Registration Process

You can get your phone’s IMEI number on the Government of Bangladesh website. However, you must submit the number in a legitimate manner which is through an online store or directly to the email address you registered your mobile. You must provide an identity card, passport address, international passport type as well as purchase details (priced below) as well as other information.

  • To sign up for a mobile one must sign up for an account on the website.
  • After opening an account, a user needs their IMEI number and photo of the mobile, as well as Special Registration information (such as NID or passport and purchase receipt, etc).
  • Once you have registered, you are able to finish the registration process by pressing”Submit.

To complete online BTRC registration for IMEI you will need to provide your current telephone number as well as an email address you will use to get information and stakes in the event there are any changes.

Final Word

The process of registering to get an MEI number in Bangladesh is quite easy. All you require is a telephone number and an email address. Follow a few simple steps and you’ll be good to start!

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