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GPA full meaning in Bangladesh is Grade Point Average. It is the score you’ve achieved in each class or the standard. There aren’t any international GPA standards. The system differs from county to country, and can even differ between private and public universities within a country. For instance, there is a GPA calculator bd system that is not the same in North South University (Private) and Dhaka University (Public). In fact, in universities, it’s CGPA rather than GPA.

gpa full meaning

What is GPA System?

In the present people are acquainted with the word GPA. But, not many people know what a GPA signifies. GPA indicates the academic achievement of an individual. It is the sum of the results of the course or subjects of the class or an entire program.

A student with a great cgpa grading system can also enjoy better opportunities at colleges and universities. They can also pursue high-level classes and get into the top universities and schools around the globe.

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GPA Full Form in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are two varieties of GPA systems offered in Bangladesh. The first is GPA meaning ( Grade Point Average) and the other is the CGPA full meaning ( Cumulative Grade Point Average). There’s a difference from the system used by schools and the university system of grading.

Schools typically follow generally the GPA system, while universities use a CGPA system. There are also distinctions between the public and private university grading systems. Another thing to note is that the majority of Private Universities do not follow the same system of grading.

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Grading System in Bangladesh (Schools and Colleges)

The system of grading in schools or colleges in Bangladesh is relatively easy to grasp. If a student (SSC and HSC) earns 80-100 marks the student receives an A+. A grade ranges from 70-79. Following that, 60-69 stands for an A- grade. 50-59 is B- grade. Below is the chart of comparison to help you understand this GPA full form.

Number Point Grade
80-100 5.0 A+
70–79 4.0 A
60-69 3.5 A-
50–59 3.0 B
40–49 2.0 C
33–39 1.0 D
0–32 0.0 F

Final Word

To understand how the GPA system operates. It is essential to be aware of what is the GPA full meaning. When you understand the GPA significance, you’ll be able to understand the advantages from this method. After having read the article we are hoping that you’re now all clear regarding the meaning of GPA.

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