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The postal code of Gazipur is used in Bangladesh to identify different locations. Find a Gazipur post code as well as zip code to Gazipur district, and all thanas or Upazilas. The following regions include Chandna, Kapashia, Kaliakaar, Sreepur, Rajendrapur, and many more.

All Postal Code Of Gazipur District In Bangladesh

In this article, you’ll find the postcode for the Gazipur District. Gazipur district is part of the Dhaka Divison. Gazipur district is comprised of six thanas and Upazila. They are Gazipur Sadar, Sreepur, Kaliganj, Kapashia, Monnunagar, Kaliakaar Thana or Upazila. All of these areas have postcodes as follows:

Post Office Post Code Thana/Upazila District
Gazipur Sadar 1700 Gazipur Sadar Gazipur
B.R.R 1701 Gazipur Sadar Gazipur
Chandna 1702 Gazipur Sadar Gazipur
B.O.F 1703 Gazipur Sadar Gazipur
National University 1704 Gazipur Sadar Gazipur
Kaliakaar 1750 Kaliakaar Gazipur
Safipur 1751 Kaliakaar Gazipur
Kaliganj 1720 Kaliganj Gazipur
Pubail 1721 Kaliganj Gazipur
Santanpara 1722 Kaliganj Gazipur
Vaoal Jamalpur 1723 Kaliganj Gazipur
Kapashia 1730 Kapashia Gazipur
Monnunagar 1710 Monnunagar Gazipur
Nishat Nagar 1711 Monnunagar Gazipur
Ershad Nagar 1712 Monnunagar Gazipur
Sreepur 1740 Sreepur Gazipur
Barmi 1743 Sreepur Gazipur
Satkhamair 1744 Sreepur Gazipur
Kawraid 1745 Sreepur Gazipur
Bashamur 1747 Sreepur Gazipur
Boubi 1748 Sreepur Gazipur
Tepirbari 1740 Sripur Gazipur
Tengra 1740 Sripur Gazipur
Rajendrapur 1741 Sripur Gazipur
Rajendrapur Canttome 1742 Sripur Gazipur

Postal Code of Dhaka

If you live in Gazipur or any other city, you’ll need to be aware of the postal code for Gazipur. The Gazipur zip code is needed to purchase any item or send a letter. We provide details about how to use the district of Gazipur post code, which will assist you.

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