How to Check Own Mobile Number | Airtel, Banglalink, GP, Robi & Teletalk

How to Check Own Mobile Number | Airtel Number Check, Banglalink Number Check, GP Number Check, Robi Number Check & Teletalk Number Check: You may need a surprise how to check your personal mobile number since. In Bangladesh, there are 5 mobile operators proper now.

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check own mobile number

These are Grameephone or GP, Robi, Banglalink or BL, Airtel, and Teletalk. The entire operators maintain a system to test the personal mobile number. In that situation, you would possibly find these hidden USSD dialing codes as a blessing. Simply kind the next code and press the dial button. These providers are free.

How to Check Airtel Number

Airtel firm is a modern company in Bangladesh. It’s an Indian Multinational Company which gives telecom providers. Airtel is beforehand often called Warid. One can check the Warid number by dialing code 1217*3#.

Airtel Number Check

Airtel Number (016) Dial – *121*7*3#

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How to Check Banglalink Number

Banglalink Digital Communications Ltd launches cell service offering companies in Bangladesh which is shortly often called Banglalink. To check the personal Banglalink Number, code is *511#.

Banglalink Number Check

Banglalink Number (019) Dial – *511#

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How to Check GP Number

Grameenphone is extensively often called GP in Bangladesh. It’s the largest telecom operator in Bangladesh. In case you are a GP Sim holder and wish to test your mobile number, you have got dial a USSD code to check personal numbers. Code is 2# and *1118#.

GP Number Check

GP Number (017) Dial – *2# or *111*8*

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How to Check Robi Number

Robi is the second-largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. The Mom Company is Robi Axiata Berhad. You might surprise to listen to that, Robi mobile number may be checked by 1402*4#.

Robi Number Check

Robi Number (018) Dial – *140*2*4#

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How to Check Teletalk Number

Teletalk is the federal government’s personal telecom operators in Bangladesh. For various purposes like admission form, result checking, job application Teletalk mobile operator is extensively used. The call charge and different amenities are superior. The Checking course of is *551# USSD code dialing.

Teletalk Number Check

Teletalk Number (015) Dial – *551#

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How to Check Own Number

Realizing your personal mobile number may be very a lot important. Typically, now we have forgotten our own mobile number for various causes. What’s going to happen if you’re going to load your mobile balance or offering your number to others on the time when you can’t remember your personal number.

Happily, there’s a solution. You’ll be able to test your own number by dialing a USSD code. Right here now we have mentioned the way to check your mobile number of Bangladesh.

All Sim OperatorDial Code
Airtel Number (016)*121*7*3#
Banglalink Number (019)*511#
GP Number (017)*2# or *111*8*
Robi Number (018)*140*2*4#
Teletalk Number (015)*551#

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Final Word

You’ve discovered your misplaced sim card otherwise you’ve two or extra sim playing cards. By dialing to other’s phone number you’ll be able to simply retrieve the sim number however you don’t have sufficient balance on the sim card.

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