Traffic Jam Paragraph Easy Word For All Classes

If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in a traffic jam paragraph easy word, you can use it as an opportunity to get some reading done.

traffic jam paragraph

Traffic Jam Paragraph In 250 Words

A traffic jam is a sudden or unusual congestion of transport vehicles on a public road. They are not always associated with bad weather, though they are more likely to occur on wet days. In fact, traffic jams are often caused by car accidents that block the roadway and may be impossible for the police and first responders to clear before the accident site reaches your location.

Traffic jams are a common occurrence in metropolitan cities, where traffic bottlenecks and poor highway design cause them to occur frequently. The lack of movement in a traffic jam causes drivers to become frustrated and take drastic measures. Some drivers may try to get out of their cars, light cigarettes, talk to people around them or eat food. Reading is an ideal use of your time while you’re sitting in traffic; it should keep your mind off the fact that you’re not moving.

Also, because it’s difficult to maintain eye contact with the person you’re communicating with, reading is an excellent way to get away from your fellow drivers. It’s easier to engage in the conversation when both of you are facing the same direction. The physical act of reading is a distraction technique that will allow you to focus on the road, preventing any accidents from happening that are caused by driving distraction.

If you decide to read as a means of avoiding traffic delays, try to choose a book that takes place in an area of real life (or at least a setting that resembles your current location). If possible, choose something information-heavy (even if it’s fiction), as this will help you retain more of what you read. You don’t want to read a novel about a fantasy world, only to forget what you read because it’s not relevant.

In Summary

If you’re reading an article rather than a book, the key is to choose something that will hold your interest for as long as you’re stuck in traffic. While some articles and short stories can be engaging, it’s more likely that your attention will drift from them and you’ll begin thinking about other things. The act of reading is still beneficial, though, because it will keep your mind off the fact that you’re in a traffic jam.

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