Top 10 Richest District In Bangladesh

Hello friends, we will learn about the top 10 richest districts in Bangladesh. The 10 richest districts have the highest incomes of all other districts in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh grows slowly the districts of Bangladesh are also moving at a slow pace.

It is important to note in the event that the district in Bangladesh is approved in the future, Bangladesh will follow suit. Let’s talk about the 10 most prosperous districts of Bangladesh.

richest district in bangladesh

Top 10 Richest District In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, there are 64 districts of which Metropolitan Dhaka is the most developed and the richest district in Bangladesh. This blog will look at the reasons for that and the other districts in Bangladesh which are the richest.

  1. Dhaka district
  2. Noakhali district
  3. Sylhet district
  4. Chittagong district
  5. Comilla district
  6. Habiganj district
  7. Manikganj district
  8. Gazipur district
  9. Narayanganj district
  10. Khulna district

Dhaka District

Dhaka district is among the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Dhaka District is an administrative region that is part of the Dhaka Division in the middle of Bangladesh. Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is situated within the district. The district is the sole way to earn a living for the inhabitants of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

There is no facility in Bangladesh where services are not accessible in the Dhaka district. People from various parts of Bangladesh are employed in the Dhaka district. Dhaka district is equipped with modern technology. Dhaka district is ahead of all districts of Bangladesh economically of perspective.

There are very few low-income residents in the district. Most people in the Dhaka district are rich. In addition, there are numerous modern structures in Dhaka district, including Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, Bangladesh Bank Bhavan, Bhasani Novotheater, Bashundhara City, and Jamuna Future Park Hatirjheel.

Noakhali District

Noakhali district is ranked second in the most prosperous district of Bangladesh. Noakhali district lies situated in the southeast of Bangladesh. It is situated within the Chittagong Division. Noakhali district was created in 1921. The previous name for the Noakhali district was Halua. Named Noakhali District in 1968.

Noakhali district can be described as an economically prosperous district that is economically strong. Noakhali district plays an important role in the advancement of Bangladesh. In terms of economics, the Noakhali district is heavily dependent on agriculture. Around 40% of regional GDP is derived from the sector of agriculture. Around 80% of the inhabitants of the Noakhali district are involved in agriculture.

One of the major attractions in the Noakhali district lies in its Meghna River, known as one of the biggest rivers in Bangladesh that are situated inside the Noakhali district. The system for communication that is in the Noakhali district is extremely efficient.

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Sylhet District

Sylhet district is the third among the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Sylhet district is located in the northern administrative area of Bangladesh. This district comprises Sylhet Division. Sylhet district can be described as an old town in northeastern Bangladesh.

The district has plenty of beautiful locations and natural resources. It is home to a wealth of forests, minerals, and natural resources. In every way, this district is regarded as one of the most attractive districts in Bangladesh and is the most beautiful London worldwide.

The majority of the people of Sylhet reside in different regions of the globe. Each month, they transfer enormous amounts of currency abroad and help to boost the economy of the nation. Sylhet district is stunning in its natural beauty and the residents who live in Sylhet district are extremely welcoming.

Chittagong District

Chittagong district has been rated number four in Bangladesh’s economy from a perspective. Chittagong District is an administrative area within the Chittagong Division located in the southeast region of Bangladesh. Due to the loss of forest in the valley of mountains, there is no other geographic perspective than Chittagong.

In terms of economics, the Chittagong district is so far ahead of the rest that there is no other district in Bangladesh that has been able to make much progress until now. Because of this, Chittagong is known as Chittagong as the capital city of commerce in Bangladesh. Around 75% of Bangladesh’s exports are carried out via Chittagong Port Road. Chittagong district’s contribution to the revenue stream is huge.

60% of the country’s income comes out of the Chittagong district. Chittagong EPZ is located on 453 acres of land located in Holi Chittagong. It was established in 1983 as the first export-processing commercial region in Bangladesh. It is situated 3km from the seaport and just one kilometer from Shah Amanat International Airport.

Comilla District

Comilla district ranks as number five of the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Comilla district falls within the administrative zone within the Chittagong Division, located in the southeast region of Bangladesh.

The development of the economy in the Comilla district is due to agriculture. They work hard every day to keep up the growth process by implementing the agricultural sector.

A little over 11 percent of the inhabitants of Comilla district are employed in the Comilla district. These are two towns that are industrial in the district. The natural landscape in the Comilla district is stunning.

Habiganj District

Habiganj District ranks sixth among the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Habiganj district is a component of the Sylhet division that lies in northeastern Bangladesh. In 1984, it was transformed into the Habiganj district.

It was previously part of the Sylhet district. Habiganj district is among the most advanced and economically developed districts in Bangladesh. There are a lot of places to explore within the Habiganj district, and if you are a frequent traveler, it is a must-go there.

Additionally, the behavior of the residents of this district is exemplary. Baniachang is the largest village in Bangladesh and is located in the Habiganj district.

Manikganj District

Manikganj district is the seventh richest district in Bangladesh. Manikganj district forms an administrative zone within the Dhaka Division in the middle of Bangladesh.

This district is rapidly out of the other districts within Bangladesh. The natural splendor of the district is awe-inspiring. There are numerous sights to explore in this region. Aricha Ghat is one of the most popular spots in the district. In the past, prior to Jamuna Bridge, vehicles were passing through this ferry.

Gazipur District

Gazipur district has been ranked eighth among the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Gazipur district is a portion of the Dhaka Division in the middle of Bangladesh. Gazipur district stands ahead of the history of the district.

There are a lot of educational institutions within this district, which is the reason why this district is ahead in the education section too. There are numerous industrial facilities within this district, and this is driving Bangladesh’s economy to the next level.

Gazipur district is full of facilities, making it simple for people to travel and connect with one another. There are many factories for industrial use within this district. This district aids Bangladesh economically.

Narayanganj District

According to current statistics, the Narayanganj district ranks ninth among the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Narayanganj district is among the most ancient areas in Bangladesh that are situated in Dhaka.

The district is famous for its golden fiber Jute. Jute is the primary product in Bangladesh for export. The majority of the jute produced is within the Narayanganj district. It can also be stated the Narayanganj district is eager to export goods from the other districts.

This district is located on the banks of river Sitalakshya. There are many well-known big clothes in Narayanganj. That is pushing Bangladesh’s clothing industry ahead. The system of communication in the district is being improved. it is easy to access communications via Dhaka, the capital city. Dhaka.

Khulna District

Khulna district ranks 10th among the most prosperous districts in Bangladesh. Khulna district forms an administrative region located in the southwest region of Bangladesh. Khulna district is heading toward improvement each day until it will be in the above area.

Khulna district is ahead of the curve in the sports field. There are numerous historical sites within the Khulna district, and if you decide to travel, you can take in all the beauty of the area.

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