Rajshahi University Subject List (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I Unit)

Rajshahi University Subject List (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I Unit): If you are searching for the Rajshahi University Subject list? Then are you in the best place to gather the Rajshahi College Topic listing? Right here we give you all of the related details about the RU Subjects List. Rajshahi University Subject List is necessary for the students who need to get admit themselves. Rajshahi University is without doubt one of the largest public universities in Bangladesh.

rajshahi university subject list

After ending all of the procedures, they published the Rajshahi University Subject list. The Subject list of Rajshahi University (RU) is out there on this publish below. So all people should know the subject list of each unit. To facilitate the admission system, the college has divided all the themes into three items. All of the items are related to completely different faculties.

Faculties of Rajshahi University

On the wonderful maintenance and administrative function, Rajshahi University has 9 completely different faculties. All of the faculty runs individually by a dean. All of the dean reviews to the Vice-Chancellor of all universities. Every one of the Schools has completely different Subjects and actions. There are 9 faculties at Rajshahi University. The Rajshahi University Faculties are

  1. Faculty of Arts
  2. Faculty of Law
  3. Faculty of Science
  4. Faculty of Business Studies
  5. Faculty of Social Science
  6. Faculty of Life & Earth science
  7. Faculty of Agriculture
  8. Faculty of Engineering
  9. Faculty of Fine Arts

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Rajshahi University Subject List

We’ve organized all the subjects in keeping with the faculty of Rajshahi University. In 9 Faculties, there are virtually 60 subjects list around. A number of the Subjects are applied, and a few are general subjects. Let’s check the department’s Subject list of Rajshahi University.

RU A Unit Subject List

Rajshahi University Arts faculty has 12 subjects that can be associated with arts and humanities. Rajshahi University is A number of the departments are associated with language and literature. Right here is the subject checklist of Rajshahi University Arts Faculty below.

  1. Philosophy
  2. History
  3. English
  4. Bangla
  5. Islamic History & Culture
  6. Arabic
  7. Islamic Studies
  8. Theatre
  9. Music
  10. Persian language and literature
  11. Sanskrit
  12. Urdu

RU B Unit Subject List

Rajshahi University Law faculty offers law-related subjects. Rajshahi University’s law faculty has only two subject topics. However, at Rajshahi University these two subjects are enriched with completely different facilities.

  1. Law
  2. Law and Land Administration

RU C Unit Subject List

Rajshahi University this title of the faculty expresses its actions. There are 9 completely different departments within the Science faculty. All the topics are associated with Rajshahi University science and scientific research.

  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Mathematics
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  7. Physics
  8. Population Science & Human Resource Development
  9. Statistics

RU D Unit Subject List

Rajshahi University provides the faculty with high-quality and modern education in Business Studies. There are in this faculty of Rajshahi University are six superior subjects.

  1. Accounting and Information Systems
  2. Banking and Insurance
  3. Finance
  4. Management studies
  5. Marketing
  6. Tourism and Hospitality Management

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RU E Unit Subject List

The Social Science Faculty of Rajshahi University is among the most conventional faculties. There are ten different social-related subjects right here. If a student likes social science topics, these would be nice faculties for choosing them.

  1. Anthropology
  2. Economics
  3. Folklore
  4. Information Science & Library Management
  5. International Relations
  6. Mass Communication and Journalism
  7. Political Science
  8. Public Administration
  9. Social Work
  10. Sociology

RU F Unit Subject List

Rajshahi University provides emphasis on Life and Earth Science. Because of this, this is separated from the science faculty of Rajshahi University. These faculty subjects are modern enough. The 7 subjects list of Rajshahi University life Science faculty is given under.

  1. Botany
  2. Clinical Psychology
  3. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
  4. Geography & Environmental Studies
  5. Geology & Mining
  6. Psychology
  7. Zoology

RU G Unit Subject List

Bangladesh is a full over the land of Agriculture economy. Rajshahi University retains pace with time. That’s why they’ve opened a brand new faculty, this Faculty name of Agriculture. There are 4 topics on this faculty of Rajshahi University.

  1. Agronomy and Agricultural Extension
  2. Crop Science and Technology
  3. Fisheries
  4. Veterinary & Animal Sciences

RU H Unit Subject List

The engineering faculty of Rajshahi University offers completely different Engineering associated topics. There are some nice subjects accessible right here. Lie ICE, EEE, and many others are probably the most demanding subjects in Bangladesh. The themes are

  1. Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
  2. Computer Science & Engineering
  3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  4. Information & Communication Engineering
  5. Materials Science and Engineering

RU I Unit Subject List

That is the final faculty on our Rajshahi University subject list. Fine arts are a great thing about the campus. Rajshahi University, fine arts faculty, has a wonderful historical past and completely different creative works. There are three topics that can be.

  1. Ceramics and Sculpture
  2. Graphic Design, Crafts & History of Art
  3. Painting, Oriental Art & Printmaking

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Final Word

If you’ve gotten full the Rajshahi University Subject list. Now in case you are a candidate for the college of reading the Rajshahi University. This can help you to decide on the best subject through the admission take a look at. Still, you have a query to ask us, be happy to make use of our comment form.

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