Mymensingh Postal Code | Mymensingh Zip Code | Post Code of Mymensingh

Mymensingh is the capital city of the Mymensingh Division of Bangladesh. The city is situated along the Brahmaputra River located about 120 km north of Dhaka, the capital of the nation. The city is an important financial hub and is also the ‘Educational District’ of North Central Bangladesh and the fourth-largest town in Bangladesh.

Mymensingh Postal Code | Mymensingh Zip Code | Post Code of Mymensingh

Thana or Upazila Post Office Post Code District
Bhaluka Bhaluka 2240 Mymensingh
Fulbaria Fulbaria 2216 Mymensingh
Gaforgaon Duttar Bazar 2234 Mymensingh
Gaforgaon Gaforgaon 2230 Mymensingh
Gaforgaon Kandipara 2233 Mymensingh
Gaforgaon Shibganj 2231 Mymensingh
Gaforgaon Usti 2232 Mymensingh
Gouripur Gouripur 2270 Mymensingh
Gouripur Ramgopalpur 2271 Mymensingh
Haluaghat Dhara 2261 Mymensingh
Haluaghat Haluaghat 2260 Mymensingh
Haluaghat Munshirhat 2262 Mymensingh
Isshwargonj Atharabari 2282 Mymensingh
Isshwargonj Isshwargonj 2280 Mymensingh
Isshwargonj Sohagi 2281 Mymensingh
Muktagachha Muktagachha 2210 Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Agriculture University 2202 Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Biddyaganj 2204 Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Kawatkhali 2201 Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Pearpur 2205 Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Mymensingh Sadar 2200 Mymensingh
Mymensingh Sadar Shombhuganj 2203 Mymensingh
Nandail Gangail 2291 Mymensingh
Nandail Nandail 2290 Mymensingh
Phulpur Beltia 2251 Mymensingh
Phulpur Phulpur 2250 Mymensingh
Phulpur Tarakanda 2252 Mymensingh
Trishal Ahmadbad 2221 Mymensingh
Trishal Dhala 2223 Mymensingh
Trishal Ram Amritaganj 2222 Mymensingh
Trishal Trishal 2220 Mymensingh

On the 12th of January, 2015, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the creation of the New Mymensingh Division. The original intention was to create six districts (those comprised of part of the first Mymensingh district in 1787) from the Dhaka Division.

But, while four districts were keen on the creation of a brand new division, residents from districts like the Tangail District and Kishoreganj Districts wanted to remain part of the Dhaka Division. On September 14, 2015, Mymensingh has officially declared an area that was made up of 4 districts.

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