How to Buy Airtel Internet Packages

How to Buy Airtel Internet Packages: Right now, I’ll share with you how you can get Airtel Internet Offer. Airtel has released nice internet packages for each subscriber. This internet pack of Airtel can be found right here at the lowest price. You will get the required best Airtel internet packages from right here.

Airtel has offered the best exciting internet social pack for their 2G/3G/4G subscribers. This Airtel offer will probably be obtainable to all Airtel prepaid users. This Airtel offer has been published on its official website. However, these Airtel internet offers are being supplied on our website.

How to Buy Airtel Internet Packages

Airtel Bangladesh sim card upkeep for the Robi Axtieta Limited, if you happen to make a perfect internet offer from Airtel for you, browse this text. Search time is up. If you’re looking for lots of great internet offers, close your search. Keep watch on our website. You get one of the best cheapest Airtel Internet packages right here.

Data PackPriceValidityActive Code
1GB (4G)Tk. 223 days*123*022#
1GBTk. 293 days*123*025#
3GB (Social Pack)Tk. 394 days*123*39#
1.5GBTk. 443 days*123*044#
2GBTk. 493 days*123*049#
2.5GB (1GB 4G)Tk. 543 days*123*054#
3GB (1GB 4G)Tk. 594 days*123*059#
4GB (1GB 4G)Tk. 644 days*123*064#
2GBTk. 89`7 days*123*089#
1.5GB + 50 MinTk. 987 days*123*098#
3.5GB (Cashback 8Tk)Tk. 1047 days*123*104#
5GB (Cashback 12Tk)Tk. 1297 days*123*129#
1GB  + 100Min + (Cashback 10Tk)Tk. 14830 days*123*148#
5GB (Cashback 10Tk)Tk. 15910 days*123*159#
7GBTk. 17910 days*123*179#
2GBTk. 22930 days*123*229#
10GB + 500 Min + Chahback 45 daysTk. 64845 days*123*648#
30GB + Cashback 135TkTk. 99830 days*123*998#

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Airtel Cash Back Packages

Airtel is a famed telecommunication company in Bangladesh. They at all times carry several amazing Airtel internet bundle offers to their clients. Right here, we attempt to enlist all of the following packages.

Data PackPriceValidityCash backActive Code
800MB + 25 MinTk. 585 daysTk. 2*123*1621#
1.5GB + 50 Min + 50 SMSTk. 987 daysTk. 5*123*1627#
3.5GBTk. 1047 daysTk. 8*123*1606#
1GBTk. 11930 daysTk. 2.98*123*1607#
5GBTk. 1297 daysTk. 12*123*1068#
1GB + 100 MinTk. 14830 daysTk. 10*123*1622#
1.5GB + 100 MinTk. 15830 daysTk. 5*123*1636#
5GBTk. 15910 daysTk. 10*123*1069#
2GB + 120 MinTk. 19830 daysTk. 5*123*1623#
1GB + 250 Min + 250 SMSTk. 24830 daysTk. 10*123*1624#
4GB + 225 MinTk. 29430 daysTk. 10*123*1637#
8GBTk. 32930 daysTk. 10*123*1620#
10GBTk.34430 daysTk. 15*123*1638#
5GBTk. 39830 daysTk. 8*123*1615#
14GBTk. 42930 daysTk. 20*123*1629#
10GB + 350 MinTk. 44830 daysTk. 20*123*1625#
7GBTk. 49830 daysTk. 20*123*1616#
10GBTk. 59845 daysTk. 50*123*1630#
6GB + 600 MinTk. 59930 daysTk. 60*123*1626#
10GB + 600 MinTk. 64845 daysTk. 50*123*1631#
20GBTk. 64930 daysTk. 60*123*1617#
20GB + 800 MinTk. 94860 daysTk. 74*123*1632#
30GBTk. 99830 daysTk. 135*123*1618#

When you like this Airtel MB code, you possibly can choose it right here. From right here, you should buy an Airtel internet offer at a low cost and securely. At this time we’ll talk about the internet packages of Airtel.

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Airtel Internet Offer Terms & Conditions

  • The pack may be bought by way of USSD (Prepaid & Postpaid) & Recharge (Prepaid).
  • 1.5 GB can be used within the 2G/3G/4G community network.
  • 1 GB 4G can be used in 4G only.
  • All Airtel prepaid subscribers can buy using each recharge & USSD dialing. Postpaid customers can only buy by way of USSD dialing.
  • Dial *3# to check the internet pack.

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What is Airtel?

Airtel is among the best telecommunication companies in Bangladesh. This sim company has been related to community providers in Bangladesh since 2003. However, Airtel’s earlier name is Aktel. The corporation was handed over to India and Japan a couple of years in the past. They rename the sim company to a brand new one. Its title name is Airtel.

Network Community service has been released in each district of Bangladesh. They provide wonderful internet for each customer. Also, it offers super community services.

Airtel is the most people network service company in Bangladesh. Each day every person used this community of Airtel. So it’s wonderful, but it surely’s community network speed super fast. You again to the Airtel community and enjoy the super-speed internet offer.

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Final Word

If you’re ever happy, you may get a lot of internet at such a low price. I obtained all the good big Airtel internet offer packs again. Now you can be used how low-cost Airtel Internet Offer 2022. I hope you like this article and enjoy your best Internet packs at Airtel.