GP Social Pack 2021 | Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber & More

GP Social Pack 2021 | Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber & More: Hello friends, have you ever forgotten the beautiful GP social offer? We’ve got collected the superb GP Social Pack for you. At this time, I’ll share with you GP social media great offers. Listed below are Fb, Whatsapp, Viber, Youtube, and different social media packs. If you learn our full article, you will discover that GP will get wonderful social gives. Which you’ll be able to take up from right here.

gp social pack
gp social pack

How to Buy GP Social Package

GP has now offered an excellent social internet bundle for all customers. Every GP customer will have the ability to buy social internet offer at a low rate. This social offer is on the market to all customers at a low price. Grameenphone provides one of the popular social internet packages.

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GP is the biggest community service company and service provider in Bangladesh. This company has been offering community providers in Bangladesh since 1997. However, Grameenphone is presently one of the prominent community corporations.

GP Social Pack Offer 2021

We’ve got ready an inventory with this pack. So you may quickly view the packages. We’ve given this record below. You may see the description. If you like one of many groups on the list of GP Social Pack, you should buy it right here.

Social PackAmountValidityAtivation Code
26 MB (Facebook)Tk. 1.57 3 Days*121*3022#
86 MB (Facebook)Tk. 6.287 Days*121*3023#
340 MB (Facebook)Tk. 1928 Days*121*3024#
26 MB (Whatsapp)Tk. 2.613 Days*121*3063#
26 MB (Viber)Tk. 2.613 Days*121*3070#
46 MB (Video)Tk. 6.283 Days*121*3020#

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GP Facebook 26 MB Offer

GP provides great web offers for Fb customers. They gave a 26 MB social pack with a price of only 1.57 Taka. With which you should use Fb. This social pack is appropriate for social media use only.

  • Internet volume 26 MB
  • To buy this offer, dial *121*3022#
  • Social pack validity 03 Days.
  • Internet price 1.57 Taka.

GP Facebook 86 MB Offer

Grameenphone has up to date a new package deal for Facebook customers. They provide 86 MB internet at the lowest price. It would help if you bought this offer from right here. If you wish to avail of this offer, it should value you 6.28 Taka. Activate should you like.

  • Internet volume 86 MB
  • To buy this offer, dial *121*3023#
  • Social pack validity 07 Days.
  • Internet price 6.28 Taka.

GP Facebook 340 MB Offer

After a lot of ready, GP has released a 340MB social pack provide for 28 days. This incredible 340 MB internet prices only 19 Taka. Superb internet offers for those people who use Social Media, Fb, Whatsapp. Use Fb all through the day to chat with friends. Activate your favorite information pack now.

  • Internet volume 340 MB
  • To buy this offer, dial *121*3024#
  • Social pack validity 28 Days.
  • Internet price 19 Taka.

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GP Whatsapp Social Pack

How to buy an excellent Whatsapp Social internet pack for all. How will you purchase a 26 MB Whatsapp internet pack only at 2.61 Taka with a validity of 03 days? Chat with friends on probably the most highly effective networks. Share this pleasure amongst all your friends. How would you wish to get this Whatsapp Social internet Pack?

  • Internet volume 26 MB
  • To buy this offer, dial *121*3063#
  • Social pack validity 03 Days.
  • Internet price 2.61 Taka.

GP Viber Social Pack

Grameenphone gives wonderful internet to use every type of social media. I’ll talk about it right now with Viber Social Pack intimately. For many people who use Viber, GP gives one of the best. You may activate the offer only at 2.61 Taka for 03 days. This Social Pack incorporates 26 MB Viber internet. Purchase rapidly in case you like.

  • Internet volume 26 MB
  • To buy this offer, dial *121*3070#
  • Social pack validity 03 Days.
  • Internet price 2.61 Taka.

GP Youtube Social Pack

GP has offered a 46 MB video internet pack for Youtube customers. The interval can be 03 days. If a buyer wants to get pleasure from Youtube Social Pack, you can choose up this pack. From right here, you should purchase 46 MB of data only at 6.28 taka.

  • Internet volume 46 MB
  • To buy this offer, dial *121*3020#
  • Social pack validity 03 Days.
  • Internet price 6.28 Taka.

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Final Word

Dear Grameenphone subscribers, I’ll focus on with you intimately in the present day regarding the excellent GP social excellent internet offer. I hope to benefit from the offer all time. You can be pleased to accept the excellent internet offer of GP.

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