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GP Request Call Code | GP Emergency Call Code | GP Pay For Me: Find out how to request a call from GP to GP. If you have no idea about the request call rule, you may find it right here.

Now life can be more easily, as a result of Grameenphone has provided request call code service! This excellent rule is mentioned in the additional GP Emergency Call Code below.

gp request call

GP Request Call Code

A GP subscriber can call one other GP subscriber using the Pay For Me service even when the caller doesn’t have enough balance.

  • To avail of this service, a subscriber must dial *123* adopted by the meant number and press the hash-key (#), i.e. *123*017xxxxxxxxx#. If the supposed receiver agrees to pay, the receiver can be charged for the decision.

The receiver of the PayForMe call will hear a recorded message asking whether or not s/he’s keen to obtain the decision and settle for the fees. If prepared, the receiver will press 1, or else, press 2. Any GP subscriber can get pleasure from this service.

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To make it additional helpful for the subscribers, Grameenphone now provides a brand new feature for “Pay For Me” subscribers. They’ll now choose and de-select particular phone numbers, from which they need to obtain Pay For Me requests or not. This may be achieved by including particular telephone numbers in the “Pay for Me” Whitelist and Blacklist respectively.

Including a number in the Whitelist will permit that particular number to get related mechanically to the recipient, upon making a Pay For Me request. Equally, a private blacklist containing telephone numbers from which the recipient doesn’t wish to obtain Pay For Me calls will make these numbers automatically blocked from making Grameenphone Pay For Me requests to the subscriber.

GP Emergency Call Code

No extra charge relevant to this new Blacklist / Whitelist feature. It may be availed by easily dialing the next USSD codes :

Desired Pay For Me ServiceRequired
Add a GP number to Pay For Me White-list*123*1*017xxxxxxxxx#
Add a GP number to Pay For Me Blacklist*123*2*017xxxxxxxxx#
Delete a GP number from Pay For Me White-list*123*3*017xxxxxxxxx#
Delete a GP number from Pay For Me Blacklist*123*3*017xxxxxxxxx#
Check personal White-list*123*11#
Check personal Blacklist*123*22#

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GP Pay For Me Conditions

  • The caller should have an active SIM to avail of this service.
  • A maximum of 4 PayForMe calls could be made in a day.
  • If a selected subscriber (A) is rejected twice by one other particular subscriber (B) in a single day, then the subscriber (A) will be unable to make any PayForMe requests to that specific subscriber (B) for the remainder of that day.
  • Any GP Pre-paid and Publish-paid subscriber can take pleasure in this service.

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Final Word

If you Request a Call with your friends and family members using the Grameenphone, make it very easy now, anytime. When you have any questions about the GP Emergency Call system, please tell us. We should reply to this question.

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