Andros Georgiou Net Worth

The Greek producer and singer Andros Georgiou is a well-known name in the music scene, and his net worth is believed to be worth millions of dollars. Andros Georgiou was born on the 18th of April 1982.

Georgiou was a player for the Greek national team. The singer is well-known as a member of his duo Wham. He’s also a highly successful DJ, producer, singer, and director. His Instagram account has more than 1.1 million people following him.

Early Life

Andreas Georgiou is an orthodox Christian as well as an Aquarius and is a resident of Los Angeles, CA. The birth of his son was on April 18, 1982, in London, England. His name Andros Georgiou is derived from the flower he was born in which is the Acrosium.

Although the exact figure in his wealth isn’t known It is crucial to note the fact that his parents have wealth and have significant influence on his career.


Andros Georgiou’s parents have been successful socialites, just as his mother and father were. He was the director of WHAM! as well as George Michael and had many musical careers that were successful.

George Andros Andros were friends from childhood. Andros Georgiou is wedded to Elizabeth Fitzhebert. The couple has four kids together. Andros Georgiou had an estimated value of $1.54 million as of the 13th of August, 2018.


Being the dad of James, Andros enjoys the rock and roll lifestyle. He has worked under the tutelage of George Michael, the singer who he grew up with. They became best buddies and eventually became close.

George Michael also grew up in the same community and was reported to have given Andros an unreleased collection of George Michael songs. They were friends for a long time and even worked together at times.

Andros Georgiou Net Worth

Andros Georgiou’s net worth is believed to be in the region of $4 million right now. The value of his net worth has grown due to his fame and career in ‘Vanderpump Rule’. Also, he is known for his music career, with songs like “See You Next Tuesday”, and ‘Jive’ Talkin”. Andros Georgiou’s wealth is growing and he’s sure to continue making income in the coming years!

Andros Georgiou Net Worth$4 Million


The worth of the singer is believed to be around the millions. He has collaborated together with George Michael on several occasions as well as being the director of his record label. Despite his successes, however, he is also famous for his claim that the death of his friend was the result of drug abuse.

His net worth is believed to increase even more in the years ahead and his reputation continues to grow. With his net worth, Andreas Georgiou is an extraordinary example of a well-known music director and producer.

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