How to do Teletalk Internet Settings

How to do Teletalk Internet Settings: Teletalk Internet setting is essential for your smartphone or cellular phone. Should you don’t do the internet settings correctly, you can’t use internet information. So, if you use the internet, do the Teletalk Internet settings correctly. If you want to use the Teletalk internet, then you need internet setting services for your devices.

teletalk internet setting

How to do Teletalk Internet Settings?

There are three methods to arrange internet settings in Teletalk. The first one is the automated approach, the second is the manual method, and the third way by SMS. If you’re a Teletalk customer of any sim, you should use these methods successfully.

You will get your mobile handset settings for information providers using SMS service:

In reply SMS, you’re going to get a configuration file. Please save the configuration file on your handset. During the time saving the file, please use a pre-configured password 1234. Proper now, the configuration file helps all Nokia Handsets and Android-based Smart Telephones.

The handset configuration of the internet setting service may be bought by sending an SMS to 738. The SMS sending process is to Write “set” and send an SMS to “738”.

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Automatic Teletalk Internet Settings

A. New/ first time Consumer

You’ll obtain the automated configuration/setting parameters for Internet and MMS as quickly as you insert the Teletalk SIM card the very first time. You want to reserve it for having fun with data services.

B. Previous Consumer in case of switching your handset

Every time you’ll change your handset. You’ll mechanically obtain the setups for the new handset. Just put it aside. If you once more return to the previous handset once, you’ll get settings once more, which means should you carry on altering your handsets using your SIM, you’ll receive new internet settings every time.

It can save it for you or discard it (should you resolve not discarding your earlier internet settings). Suppose your handset model A has been configured correctly. No matter what reason you decide to insert your SIM into Handset Mannequin B, you’ll obtain settings for Mannequin B.

Every time you return to Mannequin A, you’ll once more receive the settings for model A. It can be saved for you or discarded at your discretion.

If, as a result of guide change or any untoward situation, you do not receive system automated SMSs for the settings, please avail the 2nd choice as below.

Manual Teletalk Internet Settings

For iPhone

  • Internet
  • In Settings
  • General
  • Network
  • Cellular data network
  • Put APN: WAP

For iPhone MMS

  • In the same menu, put:
  • APN: MMS
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS Max. Message Size: 100000

For  iPad

  • Internet
  • From the main screen of the iPad press
  • Settings
  • Cellular data network (make Cellular Data ON)
  • APN Settings
  • Put WAP in the APN field.
  • Keep username and password Blank.

For Android Device

  • Internet
  • Internet Settings
  • Wireless and Networks
  • Mobile Networks
  • Access Point Names
  • Add a new APN
  • APN: WAP
  • Keep the User name, Password, and proxy blank.

For Android MMS

  • In the same menu, add another APN.
  • Name: TT-MMS
  • APN: MMS
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port:8080
  • APN type: MMS

For Windows 7.5 and 8 ( Nokia Lumia and others)

  • Internet settings
  • Mobile network
  • Put APN: WAP

For Others Devices

  • Internet
  • APN: WAP
  • Leave the User name, Password, and proxy blank.

For Others Devices MMS

  • Name: TT-MMS
  • APN: MMS
  • MMSC/Server Address:
  • Proxy Address:

Teletalk Internet Setting Through SMS

Just SMS type Set and send it to 738. You’ll obtain the Internet and MMS settings one after the other. Save each Teletalk setting with password 1234.

Even when you miss the SMS for any untoward motive, please comply with the procedures following your brand devices Nokia, Android, and Windows.

Final Word

If you happen to do the Teletalk internet settings still, then tell us. You may as well call the Teletalk customer care number. Customer care attendance will enable you to arrange the Teletalk internet correctly.