Population Problem in Bangladesh Composition & Paragraph

Population Problem in Bangladesh Composition & Paragraph: Bangladesh is likely one of the most densely populated countries on the earth. Her population is rising daily. Yearly, more significant than two million people are born to add to our country’s population. It has change into a significant problem for us. Ln reality, it’s a primary problem of our nation. This problem is now uncontrolled.

population problem in bangladesh
population problem in bangladesh

Population Problem in Bangladesh Paragraph

The population of a rustic is an asset. It turns into an issue when the country can not afford to provide people with the necessities of life. It’s a small country of 1, 47,570 sq. kilometres. The present population of Bangladesh about 170 million and exceeds 200 million inside 2020. Yearly, more significant than two million persons are born to add to our community. The people of Bangladesh are growing at an alarming charge. The current progress of the population in Bangladesh is 22 (per thousand). The population problem is the burning query of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is likely one of the most densely populated countries on the planet. About 1080-1150 folks reside in a single sq. kilometre. The primary explanation for the rise in population is the ignorance and prejudices of the people. A lot of people in Bangladesh are illiterate. They will notice the gravity of the issue of over-population and do nothing to cease its improvement. Furthermore, they have no idea little or no about family planning, not do they remedy for planed households. And another cause like Polygamy, marriage at an early age, illiteracy, having unprotective intercourse and anticipating male children are the primary causes of population problems in Bangladesh.

The population of the country is growing daily. The world of Bangladesh is just too small to help her vast community. Consequently, it creates food problems, communication problems, academic downside, unemployment problems, shelter downside, health problems, medical problems, environmental downside, and poverty. The unemployment problem may be very acute in Bangladesh. There are thousands of candidates, for one single vacant put up. There are Crowds in every single place in buses, trains, markets, schools, and colleges. If our inhabitants increase at this time charge, people shall discover no place to stay.

Now we have some ways to solve this elementary problem. The people of Bangladesh are nonetheless superstitious. Just a few percentages are educated. In consequence, people don’t perceive the gravity of the issue. Thus, to curb this population, massive publicity of over-population should be given the first precedence. Mass schooling is a robust weapon to beat the problem. The fast delivery charge could be successfully checked by way of household planning. Early marriage ought to be stopped strictly. Every couple should not have greater than two kids. So, the family planning staff go to each home and persuade people of the usefulness of family planning. Should conscious the people. To keep away from the food problems, it’s excessive time to literate our farmers for creating our agricultural sector.

It’s well-known to all that there’s immense wealth hidden beneath the ground of Bangladesh. If these mineral assets are exploited, the current population is not going to be a burden on the part of Bangladesh. Lastly, avenues of employment ought to be discovered. If persons are busy at work in factories and places of work, population progress shall be curbed. The government of Bangladesh have to attempt their greatest to unravel the primary problem. The people of Bangladesh have to return ahead. Due to this fact, all of the people of Bangladesh and the federal government ought to be part of fingers to fulfill the disaster proper at this moment earlier than it’s too late.

Population Problem in Bangladesh Composition

Introduction: The population of a rustic is a blessing to her. But it indeed turns into a curse when it grows in a short time, and the people wouldn’t be productive. Bangladesh is a tiny country. Her population is rising quickly. The issue has reached to such an acute degree that it’s now the thought-about primary problem of the country.

Demographic features of Bangladesh: The whole population measurement of Bangladesh stood at 142.31 million in the 2011 census. Now, it’s thought-about to be greater than 160 million. The population density of the country was 964 per sq. km in 2011. With this density, Bangladesh is regarded to be probably the most densely populated country on the earth. The expansion charge of the population now’s about 1.34%. It’s assumed that the community will likely be 185.2 million in 2021 and 243.9 million in 2051. Although that’s the reality, such a situation is just too horrible to think.

Causes of Overpopulation: The reasons for the excessive charge of population growth in Bangladesh are as follows.

1. Ignorance: The general public of our country are ignorant. They have no idea about the issue of overpopulation. So they don’t take the measures management the birth control by way of family planning.

2. Superstitions: Some rural and non-secular superstitions impede our people in family planning or birth control. For that reason, they don’t turn out to be wanting to family planning.

3. Early marriage: Many of the girls and boys in our country get married earlier than they turn out to mature. This early marriage is a particular reason for the high rate of population development.

4. Lack of female education: Women represent nearly half of the population of our country. But most of them are usually not educated. For this, the government can’t make them productive. Moderately, they’re contributing to population increase resulting from lack of consciousness, and thus they’re changing into the issue of the country.

Dangers of Overpopulation: If our population grows at such a higher, our country should face a critical problem. The people may affect the economic development and progress of the country. The government wouldn’t give correct food, garments, residence, educational facilities, medical facilities and different fundamental necessities of life to this increasing people. The unemployment problem is a good problem for our country. Deterioration of the current population situation will add to it. This population problem causes critical traffic jams regularly. This traffic jam destroys a lot of our time. So, overpopulation is a reasonable risk for our country.

Solutions: In this country, to check the rapid growth of the population. The next measures need to be taken as early as attainable. Firstly, the high birth rate of the community must be checked by way of household planning. It’s the primary efficient resolution of the issue. We’ve got to make a marketing campaign to coach mass people. It would assist them in knowing the worth of family planning and the problem of overpopulation. Thirdly, the early marriage must be stopped by government legislation. People must be made conscious in regards to the danger of population increase. Lastly, various encouraging programmes need to be taken to make the people wanting to stop the high growth rate of the population.

Conclusion: The population problem in Bangladesh has gone so excessive that it wants to be addressed correctly, and enough planning courses must be initiated quickly. The truth is, standard options to this problem haven’t been working correctly. If we fail to check, the issue will improve and even transcend management.

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Final Word

Bangladesh is likely one of the densely populated countries on the earth. Though it’s a population problem in Bangladesh country, it has the largest pure magnificence. For the overpopulation, there are such a lot of issues within the state. The most typical problems are Traffic jams, Load-shedding, Surroundings air pollution, Sound pollution, Lacks pure water, Air pollution, Housing problem, and many others.

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