Planting Bougainvillea In Pots

Bougainvillea is kind of a popular topic on this weblog. I’ve completed several posts and videos on all facets of growing it. Or so I believed! I know many of you might be curious about bougainvilleas in containers, and I’ve seen lots of them growing this way through the years.

That is all about planting bougainvillea in pots together with the soil combined to use, steps to take, and a key factor to know. I used to be up in Phoenix a few months in the past and needed to stop at just a few nurseries earlier than heading residence to Tucson.

Not a necessity; however, highly desired! Berridge’s is at all times one I go to, and there was the bougainvillea simply calling my name. I wasn’t planning on doing this post and video properly now, but it indeed was too good a chance to pass up.

planting bougainvillea in pots

Type Of Bougainvillea

Monrovia grows a number of bougainvilleas. They now make online gross sales, so you’ll want to check their website out. Blueberry Ice is 1 of the compact varieties very nicely suited to growing in pots & as a floor cowl. Not many bougainvilleas have variegated foliage, so this, in addition to the dimensions, had me at hi there.

It grows to be 2-3 feet tall by 5-6 feet extensive, making it an excellent container plant. It was full & lush in the round; however, the pack rats chewed off half the branches. It’ll grow again by spring & I’ll do a pruning & shaping submit & video for you then.

Before you even consider growing this floriferous plant, be sure that the spot it’s moving into will get at the very least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. Something much less & the bloom will probably be mediocre or non-existent.

Bougainvilleas additionally love warmth. Know that the taller & more excellent your bougie will get, the bigger pot size you’ll want.

Type Of Planting Bougainvillea In Pots

The pot measures 16 inches wide by 22 inches tall, so my stunning bougie has plenty of room to grow. I purchased the pot at Lowe’s however couldn’t find it for sale online. You may be capable of finding it in 1 of your native stores. I like plastic & resin pots because they’re a lot lighter & simpler to maneuver around.

My spray paint of selection is Rust-Oleum 2X Extremely Cover. It covers so adequately & can be used on many supplies. I used a base of Gloss Deep Blue & did accents of Grape Gloss & Gloss Purple. I let every coat dry & on end, spray on two coats of the Semi-Gloss Clear to seal & defend.

Soil Mix For Planting Bougainvillea In Pots

It must be wealthy but have lovely drainage. It would help if you had your bougainvillea take the moisture it wants & then have all the excess drain out.

The mix is mainly 3/4 potting soil with 1/4 compost & succulent & cactus combined. I additionally added in just a few handfuls of chunky pumice within the top 1/3 of the planter.

Ocean Forest potting soil. I’m keen on Ocean Forest due to its high-quality components. It’s a soilless combine & is enriched with plenty of great things but drains appropriately.

How To Plant Bougainvillea In Pots

It’s finest to look at the video down under for this. I’ll offer you a shortened pictorial step-by-step right here. The bougainvillea & its pot on my potting are all set to go. I watered the bougie the morning of the planting. You by no means need to plant a confusing plant, i.e., 1, which is bone dry.

The grow pot reduces down – see “the important thing factor to know” within the level under this. I made five slits on the perimeters & slits popping out of every drain gap on the underside so the roots could grow out.

The plant in its ornamental pot. Because the pot is so deep & this bougainvillea doesn’t have an in-depth root system, I put a layer of plastic bottles within the backside as fill. The highest of the grow pot is about 1/2″ under the highest of the ornamental pot, so I’ve room to top it with soil & worm compost.

All topped off with potting soil. I used the mix within the backside 2/3 of the pot & primarily potting soil & pumice within the prime 1/3. I watered the plant after the planting was carried out.

The following day I applied a 1/2″ layer of worm compost after the soil had settled in a bit. It’s mid-October after I’m doing this, so I’ll wait till spring to use an excellent layer of compost on the highest.

When Planting Bougainvillea In Pots

Plant your bougainvillea in its growing pot. Bougainvillea can take full sunlight & warmth without skipping a beat. However, it’s a big baby regarding the roots & I don’t prefer to have them messed with.

For the most satisfactory outcomes, you’ll want to depart your bougainvillea within the grow pot when planting it. Put just a few slits within the aspect & backside of the pot, being careful not to slash too profoundly into the rootball. You’ll see this within the photograph & additionally video.

This technique permits the roots to grow out of the pot and protects the rootball. You need the extent of the soil of the rootball to be even with the extent of the soil you’re planting it into. This implies you may need to cut the rim & a few of the top of the pot off as I did.

I at all times reduce the rim off as wanted because I feel it seems a lot better with it gone. Whether you cut that off or not is as much as you. It won’t damage the plant in any respect; however, I by no means need to see a rim of plastic sticking up out of an ornamental pot.

Perhaps you’ve taken it out of the pot & planted it & it’s carried out simply tremendous. It’s a crapshoot as to whether a bougie will survive & 1 one I’m not prepared to take.

I needed to share with you this one vital factor to know when planting bougainvillea. Despite everything, I would like your bougainvillea to thrive & offer you a giant show of shade for a lot of months!

Perfect Time To Plant Bougainvillea In Pots

Bougainvillea grows open air in temperate climates with hotter winters. Late winter, spring, summer season & early fall are the finest occasions.

In Tucson, the temps can dip under 32 feet each now & then within the winter. I acquired my bougainvillea planted two months earlier than that occurs, so my plant has plenty of time to settle in. I keep away from planting within the scorching summer months (105 feet) because neither the plant nor I needed part of that!

Will bougainvillea grow in pots?

In fact! To have bougainvillea in a pot grow efficiently, it’s vital to ensure it’ll be growing in a sunny, hot spot. Make sure to observe the steps & factors given right here.

Best Bougainvillea To Plant In Pots

Any of the compacts, decrease growing varieties are best. There are relatively just a few of them to select from now. For me, these are a lot simpler to plant & keep in pots.

Most of the bougainvilleas get 20’+ & though they’ll grow in pots, the container must be massive. Plus, bougies desire not to disturb their roots, so having one survive a transplant isn’t a carried out deal.

How Do You Transplant A Bougainvillea In A Pot?

Having a good transplant will probably be more of a given for those who planted your bougainvillea within the grow pot. Bougies are robust regarding the sunlight & warmth; however, they are massive infants with regards to having their roots disturbed.

I’ve by no means transplanted one growing within the ground or in a pot, so I can’t say firsthand. I can inform you that after I lived in Santa Barbara, a neighbor transplanted his & it died a few months later.

Best Soil For Bougainvillea In Pots

A soil that’s wealthy but drains very correctly. Bougainvilleas even have a tremendous root system, so that a heavy combine will do them in.

Care For Bougainvillea In A Pot After Planting

Right here’s what I did: I watered the combination earlier than moving my bougainvillea to its sunny nook. Because the soil was dry after I planted it & the temps are still heating, I’ll water it weekly.

After it’s established, I won’t want to water as often. For those who stay in a hot, sunny local weather as I do, then your bougainvillea will do the finest with standard water.

My bougainvillea in a pot right here in Tucson will usually get watered more, which grew in a pot in my again yard in Santa Barbara. My two bougainvilleas growing within the ground in SB hardly ever acquired any supplemental water; however, they have been very correctly established.

This Bougainvillea Blueberry Ice in its blue pot will convey more shade to my kitchen patio. Bougainvilleas are one plant that may take mirrored sunlight and warmth (with common watering) right here within the Tucson desert.

It grows after and can grow into a colorful Lantana Dallas Purple, which the hummingbirds and butterflies love. An exquisite addition to my outside area!