How To Prune A Peace Lily Plant (Ultimate Guide)

The Peace lily is considered an important home plant as it’s low on upkeep, tolerates the low light situation, and is extraordinarily stunning. In terms of pruning peace lily, it’s pretty easy.

All you want to do is begin on the bast of the plant and work your means upwards. This article will take you thru particulars on how to prune a peace lily and at the same time go into care ideas to your lovable home plant.

how to prune a peace lily plant

How To Prune A Peace Lily Plant?

Peace lilies are frequent indoor plants however they’re naturally grown outside in or around barns. That is the most important purpose these plants undergo from brown ideas or browning across the edges. Earlier than pruning peace lily, While you see brown edges right here is how one can in the reduction of the plant:


Earlier than really attending to the peace lily pruning course of. You will need to inspect the plant and test the extent of the harm. You might be on the lookout for something the appears broken and droopy. You’ll usually find these on the backside of the plant the place the older leaves are.

Disinfect Equipment 

Earlier than you begin pruning peace lily, it is very important to disinfect the equipment you’re planning to make use of. May it’s scissors or pruners all the pieces must be sterilized to keep away from infecting the plant with ailments.

You may both spray them with a tool cleaning disinfectant, or you could possibly use a homemade solution from bleach, pine oil, or different ingredients. In both methods, it is very important to disinfect tools earlier than and after use.

Reduce Damaged Leaves

Cutting again leaves isn’t only restricted to leaves that have brown edges or damaged spots. There are a selection of the reason why the leaves of a peace lily will be pruned

  • Yellow leaves – this will both be due to too much light, underneath watering, and even previous age
  • Shriveled leaves
  • Diseased leaves

These can go away the plant wanting dull and damaged, making it essential to prune it.

So as to prune peace lily leaves, you’ll be able to both minimize them again a bit. You needn’t cut off all the leaf if all the leaf isn’t broken. as an alternative, make a clear minimize simply sufficient to do away with the broken half. If you want to in the reduction of all the leaves, make a clear minimize alongside the stem.

Reduce Dried Flowers

Peace lilies are recognized by their blooms. A stem that blooms as soon as is not going to bloom once more. Therefore whereas pruning the plant it’s crucial to cut again wilted flowers together with the stem all the way down to the bottom. This way the plant will flower once more quickly.

Notice: not like different plants, the peace lily stays inexperienced virtually all year spherical, and therefore you’ll not need to

When Should I Cut Back My Peace lily?

There isn’t any proper or incorrect time when it comes to pruning peace lily. The important thing to pruning them at the proper time is being virulent.

Here’s what you want to do:

  • Take note of your plant
  • Cut back leaves that aren’t doing so nicely
  • Cut back flowers that have wilted
  • Cut back diseased leaves

All these will make your peace lily wanting recent and presentable. Now that you’ve got a good concept about how one can prune a peace lily. Let’s take a look at the methods by which you’ll take care of this stunning plant.

how to prune a peace lily plant

How To Avoid Brown Peace Lily Leaves?

In peace lilies, brown leaves are induced as a consequence of numerous causes. We’ve put collectively just a few.

Chlorinated Water

These peace lily plants are delicate to chlorine. If the water these plants are watered with accommodates chlorine the leaves flip brown. One of the best ways to keep away from that is by testing the water earlier than watering your plants.

If the chlorine ranges are excessive all you want to do is fill a container, leave it in a single day, after which use the water the next day. This reduces chlorine ranges significantly.

One other means is by including a dechlorinating solution in the water. However, this solution is time-consuming and in addition costly.


The peace lily isn’t very inclined to ailments however generally there are fungal and different ailments that may happen. In such instances, the leaves of the plant will begin to discolor. To maintain ailments and bugs at bay spray the plant usually with natural pesticides and pesticides.


The peace lily is a moisture-loving plant and under-watering, it will probably cause brown and shriveled leaves. One of the best ways to fight this downside is by having a watering schedule and sticking to it. This way the plant is fed sometimes decreasing the probabilities of a dry spell.

How Usually Do You Water A Peace Lily?

The reply to this is dependent upon the place you’re situated, the temperature there, and the size of the plant. As this plant loves moisture it’s crucial to water the plant each different day.

One of the best ways to know when to water the plant is by taking note of the soil. If the soil is dry whenever you contact it’s time to water the plant. equally, whether it is still moist whenever you stick your finger in it you’ll be able to wait just a few more days to water it.

Together with watering the plant usually, additionally it is vital to mist the plant usually. this can hold the leaves clean, maintain bugs at bay and regulate the humidity levels.

Another excuse why the leaves of the peace lily plant unfastened color are:

Too Much Or Too Little Sunlight

The peace lily isn’t keen on direct sunlight. The shadier the spot the higher in the case of this plant. If the peace lily is uncovered to too much sunlight not only do the leaves of the plant flip brown, however, the peace lily plant additionally ceases to bloom.

If that is the cast all you want to do is change the situation of the plant and it’ll begin to bloom once more. The web can be flooded with different questions.

Should I Cut The Yellow Leaves Of Peace Lily?

Sure, you should. Yellow leaves are both indicative of the truth that these leaves are damaged, useless, or diseased. In both cases, the leaf is of no use and can only harm different leaves if it has contracted an illness or fungal infection. Therefore is best to cut again leaves which have turned yellow.

Can You Trim The Roots Of A Peace Lily?

Are you able to trim the roots of a peace lily? The roots of a peace lily are usually left the best way they’re. There are instances the place whereas propagation of the roots of the pup is in the reduction of to ensure that it suits nicely into the planter.

This being stated should you notice that the plant is dying without an obvious purpose. It may be indicative of the truth that the roots of the plant have both contracted a disease or are rotting.

In such instances, it’s advisable to trim the roots and minimize off components that might be contaminated. In different instances, you would possibly notice that the roots of the plant have turned brown, mushy, or smelly. That is one more reason to chop again the roots of the plant to help them grow again healthy.

Should I Cut The Brown Ideas Off My Peace Lily?

The brown ideas of the peace lily plant must be cut with a purpose to hold the plant wanting recent and presentable. You additionally must test if the plant is affected by disease and minimize off the affected half to cease the infection from spreading.

We will say that the peace lily is an increasable plant to have in your outdoor or indoor backyard. These plants are simple to take care of and take care of. In this article, we now have spoken at size about how one can prune a peace lily. Hope you discover this info helpful on peace lily pruning.