Growing Miniature Roses Indoors With Grow Lights (My Secret Tips)

Miniature roses are one of my favorite vegetation to develop indoors because of the lovely flowers and engaging foliage, packaged up in a miniature bundle. Growing Miniature Roses Indoors With Grow Lights, So many issues look extra interesting in miniature type, and you may undoubtedly add roses to this checklist. I’m delighted to write down this text that can assist you with growing miniature roses indoors and maintain them looking nice in your house.

The first common within the early 1800s as a parlor plant, miniature roses are a singular number of roses that have been intentionally bred to grow to solely 1-2 ft when mature. This tiny model of the ever-common rose bush makes an exquisite houseplant.

Their petite 1-2 in (2.5-5 cm) flowers can be found in a wide array of colors, together with red, pink, peach, orange, white, yellow, and lots of mixtures. Some are shrubs and a few are climbing. Practice climbing miniature roses on a small trellis.

Miniature Rose Varieties

Dozens of wonderful varieties can be found. The tough half is selecting amongst them. Award-winning ‘Cupcake’ blooms abundantly in pale pink…’ Innocence’ is white with a blush of pink…’ Caliente’ is gorgeous with bright-red blooms and shiny foliage.

growing miniature roses indoors

Orange-red ‘Starina’ will get prime honors from the ARS… ‘Lavender Lace’ has massive, mauve blooms… and ‘Beauty Secret’ is wealthy, radiant crimson. Among the many tiniest minis are white ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Popcorn’… pink ‘Bo Peep’… and yellow ‘Littlest Angel’. On the lookout for an aromatic mini rose? All of the Scentsation varieties have an intoxicating perfume.

How Much Light Do Miniature Roses Need?

Miniature roses thrive in vibrant daylight and can do the greatest with 6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Because of this, I normally place my miniature roses near a south or west going through the window. That is notably essential within the darker months of the 12 months, when it may be more durable to offer your houseplants the sunshine that they require.

Within the peak of summertime, south or west going through the window can get very warm and so I have a tendency to maneuver them farther from the window to restrict the warmth publicity for the plant. An alternative choice is to maneuver your miniature roses outdoors throughout the summertime. They’ll look actually engaging on a patio amongst different potted vegetation and provide an excellent show of shade when you benefit from the summertime sunshine.

I’ve had the greatest success with miniature roses after I preserve them outdoors for the 3-Four hottest, brightest months of the 12 months, and convey them indoors for the remainder of the 12 months. Ample mild might be an important factor to deal with when growing miniature roses indoors, so get this proper and the remaining is simple.

It’s typically a good suggestion to rotate your miniature rose each 1-2 weeks, so all areas of the plant are receiving comparable quantities of sunshine and rising symmetrically.

How To Water Miniature Roses Indoors

Miniature roses require frequent watering, however, they are often inclined to root rot and fungal infections, so it’s important to be aware to keep away from permitting them to sit down straight in the water. Permit the soil to dry out between watering to make sure you keep away from these issues.

Check the soil along with your finger previous to watering. In the event, you can put your finger one inch into the soil and it’s dry, it’s time to water. In case your finger encounters any moisture, wait one other day and check once more previous to watering your miniature rose.

At all times make certain to water your miniature rose from the soil degree. Keep away from permitting water to touch the leaves or the blossoms as this will trigger damage to the plant. Water your miniature rose till the water runs out of the underside of the planter. Allow the surplus water to empty away earlier than inserting the miniature rose again on its drip tray.

Generally, I put pebbles in my drip tray and set the pot of roses on the pebbles. This enables the water to proceed to empty freely out of the pot and avoids the potential for the roots to sit in water.

What Soil Do Miniature Roses Need?

Keep away from utilizing soil out of your garden as this will comprise pests and fungi that will have an effect on your miniature roses. Select a top-quality potting soil mix that has perlite and compost included in the combo. The perlite is a natural lava rock that may enhance drainage and the compost is decaying natural matter that may feed your miniature roses and encourage extra progress.

How To Fertilize Miniature Roses

I might definitely advocate fertilizing your miniature rose regularly by the hotter months of the 12 months. This may encourage the progress of recent foliage and flowers and assist your miniature rose to remain healthy. You need to fertilize your miniature rose each 2-4 weeks from early spring to mid-autumn relying on your climate.

I have a tendency to make use of water-soluble fertilizer and dilute it to roughly half the recommended strength. This may forestall a build-up of vitamins salts within the soil, which might trigger your plant main issues. At all times bear in mind to water your plant no less than 1-2 occasions in between fertilizing to flush the soil of any build-up of nutrient salts.

Choose a fertilizer that’s designed for houseplants and nicely balanced. You’ll be able to select a liquid or a pellet-type fertilizer. Make certain to comply with the directions intently.

Humidity Requirements for Indoor Miniature Roses

Miniature roses thrive on excessive humidity. An effective way to do that is to position your miniature rose planter on a tray that’s crammed with pebbles and has water partially masking the pebbles. Make certain the bottom of the pot doesn’t sit within the water although. The water within the tray will evaporate slowly, growing the local humidity across the rose plant.

growing roses indoors with grow lights
growing roses indoors with grow lights

Temperature Requirements for Indoor Miniature Roses

Roses thrive in hotter climates. They don’t prefer it to hot, however want a temperature of between 65 to 75 °F throughout the day. In addition, they want that it does not get under 60 °F in the evening. If the temperature drops under 50 °F the plant might enter its dormancy section and cease producing flowers.

While you don’t need his to occur for almost all of the 12 months, it’s really important to show an indoor miniature rose to colder temperatures for no less than 6 weeks of the 12 months in late autumn and winter. That is greatest executed by shifting the miniature rose to a colder room, a nicely lit storage, greenhouse, and even outdoors in milder climates.

The colder temperatures might cause leaves and flowers to drop. Whether or not this occurs or not, it would set off a period of dormancy for the plant, which is important to arrange the plant for the event of recent foliage and flowers within the spring.

Miniature roses are very hardy vegetation, so don’t worry about exposing your plant to delicate frost whereas it’s outdoors. So long as the temperature stays above -10 °F, your roses ought to survive chilly winter nights without difficulty.

Miniature Rose Flowers

Depending on the actual sort of miniature rose plant, you might have easy flowers, semi-double flowers, double flowers, single flowers, clustered flowers, odorless flowers, or very aromatic flowers. In addition, they are available in a big selection of colors from lotions and whites to yellows, golds, two-toned colors, deep reds and burgundy’s, almost black, blues, pinks, and almost each different conceivable shade in between.

Most miniature roses will bloom for a lot of months of the 12 months so long as the plant is proud of its growing conditions. Remember to deadhead or pinch the spent flower blooms again after they’ve bloomed to encourage extra flowers to return on. You probably have a very aromatic selection, you’ll discover extra perfume when you’ve gotten extra blooms.

Pruning Miniature Roses

At all times take away spent blossoms to encourage extra progress of the plant. I tend to lifeless head the flowers all year long and do some minor pruning to maintain the plant trying nicely. Nonetheless, it’s throughout the winter dormancy that you will want to do essentially the most vital pruning.

Whereas it might seem to be you’re harming your plant by doing this, it would direct the nourishment and water to the opposite areas of the plant. Plants that can be correctly pruned can be stronger and produce extra flowers throughout the subsequent progress section.

All you will want to prune your miniature rose is a pair of sharp pruning shears, and ideally, some gardening gloves to guard your hands against the thorns. I might additionally suggest using some rubbing alcohol to sterilize the blades of your shears.

Begin by eradicating any lifeless or dying progress on the miniature rose plant.

Prune again any stems which cross one another, notably these within the middle of the plant. Crossed stems can harm one another and eradicating these will enhance mild penetration into the middle of your plant.

Subsequent prune the opposite healthy stems again. These must be pruned again to only above a 5 leaflet leaf set. It is a good concept as it would present an excellent platform for brand spanking new healthy progress. Don’t be afraid to prune greater than a 3rd to a half of the plant progress again. Miniature roses are usually hardy and don’t thoughts an excellent trim.

Attempt to preserve the symmetry of your miniature rose as you prune it as this can result in a more engaging plant when new progress begins.

Try this convenient video on pruning miniature roses. It covers the basics very well.

Planting And Re-Potting Indoor Miniature Roses

You could want to take into account re-potting miniature roses that you’ve bought from a retailer. You don’t know what the vegetation had been uncovered to on the retailer so that you wish to give them the very best begin in your house. Select a high-quality potting soil combine and add in some perlite and compost.

Choose a planter that’s wider than it’s deep. Make it possible for the brand new planter has plenty of drainage holes. If it doesn’t, add some in. Layer some rocks or pebbles on the underside of your planter to make sure correct drainage. Brush off as a lot of the grime from the earlier pot as possible. You could want to use a clean and dry paintbrush to do that as a way to take away a lot of the old soil.


There are numerous components to profitable propagation. It would rely on the actual growing medium, type of miniature rose, and the temperature. It is a “trial and error” kind of factor. Not all miniature roses lend themselves nicely to propagation.

To aim propagation, wait till the rose has bloomed and the flower is spent. There must be no less than three or 4 healthy leaves on the stem. You’ll want to use your sterilized pruning shears or a pointy pair of sterilized scissors and take away the spent bloom from the highest of the stem.

Go down roughly 4 to 6 inches on the stem and make a pointy reduction at an angle. Dip the raw finish into some natural native honey. The honey protects the raw finish from dying, root rot, and molding. Now place your chopping right into a growing medium.

Inside 4 to 6 weeks it’s best to see you’re new begin start to develop. If it doesn’t work the primary attempt, take coronary heart, even essentially the most well-known horticulturists have struggled with this. Simply attempt once more with one other stem from one other spent bloom and preserve attempting. Ultimately, you’ll get the hang of it and have the ability to propagate a brand new plant.

growing miniature roses indoors

Common Miniature Rose Diseases And Pests

These are a few of the commonest issues when growing miniature roses indoors:

Spider Mites: Indoor miniature roses are particularly susceptible to spider mites. Rigorously look your plant over every week and inspect it for these tiny pests. In the event you see any, spray the plant with an insecticide or take away the spider mites with a paper towel that’s dipped in some delicate soapy water. Remember to inspect each of the tops of leaves and the bottoms.

Aphids: Simply because of the spider mites, these little critters may also wreak havoc in your indoor plants. Inspect your vegetation for these no less than weekly. Once more, you’ll be able to take away them with insecticide, mild cleaning soap and water, and a dampened paper towel, or you’ll be able to usher in some girl bugs who will get pleasure from eating on the critters (or if the weather is warmer set the plant outdoor and go find some girl bugs to dine on the aphids.

Fungi: Leaf conditions reminiscent of black spot, powdery mildew, and rust are all types of fungus. Make certain to area vegetation no less than a foot from different plants to assist scale back the chance of fungi. At all times water the plant from the soil degree and keep away from getting the foliage wet as this will cause molds and mildews to type. Take away and eliminate any of the foliage that shows any type of such conditions. One other reason behind fungi is non-sterile tools reminiscent of scissors or pruning shears. At all times take the time to sterilize your pruning shears or scissors previous to doing any pruning to make sure no publicity to fungi.


Miniature roses usually are not usually poisonous to cats, dogs, or people. However, care must be taken to keep away from injuring oneself on the thorns, and for some extra delicate people or pets ingesting the foliage or flowers might cause mild intestinal misery.

How massive will my miniature rose get?

Indoor miniature roses are available in a big selection of sizes and shapes. They could solely get as large as six inches, or they might develop as massive as two ft. The common size of a miniature rose plant almost is 12-18 inches in height.

How frequently should I water my miniature rose?

Water your miniature rose no less than weekly and extra usually in warmer weather. Keep away from watering till the soil is dry once you press your finger into the soil. Attributable to their shallow root programs, they’ll require extra water than many different houseplants. If the leaves are turning yellow or look to be wilting, you most likely must water them extra frequently.

Since Miniature roses require high humidity should I mist my plant?

No, by no means mist or spray water in your plant straight, this will trigger leaf rot, molds, and mildews. To extend the humidity, use a humidifier within the room, or place your planter on a tray crammed with pebbles and water. The plant will then soak up the moisture up into the plant and humidify itself that means.

Last Word

In the event you’re rising miniature roses indoors, you will have success with the following tips for miniature rose care.

Miniature rose plants may be discovered on the market in florist’s retailers around Valentine’s Day and Mom’s Day. Though these pint-sized beauties are common items, they’re actually higher off as short-term home visitors. Their true home is outdoor, the place they’re going to thrive within the sunshine and contemporary air.

Almost every garden has an area for growing miniature roses. Plant them in borders, or in the entrance of your tall rose bushes. If you do not have a spot in your backyard, you’ll be able to preserve your minis in pots on your sunny porch or patio.

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