Banglalink Internet Packages 2020 | How to Buy Banglalink Internet Offer

Banglalink Internet Packages 2020 | All  Banglalink Internet Offer list you find here. How to Buy Banglalink Internet Offer: Immediately, I provide you with some excellent Banglalink internet offer. Right here, you find low-value unique all Banglalink internet packages or Banglalink internet offers.

I’ll share the most popular Banglalink internet offers with you. You probably have read this full article completely. You may safely get bl internet offer from right here.

banglalink internet packages

Banglalink is one of the best largest network operator companies in Bangladesh. Their community may be influential in city areas than in rural locations in Bangladesh. The company is active in all cities to offer Banglalink internet packages with its strong networks. When you in search of Banglalink internet offer, then you get many more bl internet offer lists. I hope you enjoy the listed packages.

Banglalink Internet Packages

Following this listing to purchase an internet pack from all of the packages of Banglalink Internet Offer. From this listing. Customers will find out all offers know about of the Banglalink Internet packages. At this moment, I spend a lot of time making a list of the greatest internet packages. I hope you take pleasure in all these great internet offers from right here. I made a list of Banglalink internet packages.

Price Data PackValidityActivation Code
TK 0.852MB1 Day*5000*519#
TK 1.53MB1 Day*5000*518#
TK 39MB1 Day*5000*513#
TK 412MB1 Day*5000*520#
TK 932MB1 Day*5000*529#
TK 1045MB1 Day*5000*543#
TK 1560MB3 Days*5000*502#
TK 1375MB4 Days*5000*543#
TK 20100MB7 Days*5000*522#
TK 30160MB7 Days*5000*501#
TK 75250MB10 Days*5000*517#
TK 100500MB7 Days*5000*582#
TK 361GB4 Days*5000*36#
TK 761GB7 Days*5000*76#
TK 492GB4 Days*5000*49#
TK 993GB7 Days*5000*799#
TK 1085GB7 Days*5000*108#
TK 19910GB7 Days*5000*199#

Banglalink has already updated all Banglalink internet packages. We will share here all Banglalink internet offers as per the new updates. In case you find an excellent bl Internet Offer, you may choose your favourite offer from this listing. Right here, I’ve provided all of the internet offers for you. So all of the offers listed below are currently active, you can select any Banglalink internet package.

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Monthly Banglalink Internet Package

Banglalink internet offer provides many Banglalink monthly internet packages contains all long term Banglalink internet offer and excessive data quantity packages. You’ll be able to select your greatest bl internet offer from the next listing, and you should buy your required internet pack by dialling related Banglalink internet offer activation code.

PriceData PackValidityActivation Code
TK 50120MB30 Days*5000*523#
TK 99300MB30 Days*5000*503#
TK 150600MB30 Days*5000*504#
TK 1991GB30 Days*5000*503#
TK 2101GB30 Days*5000*581#
TK 2751.5GB30 Days*5000*511#
TK 2092GB30 Days*5000*581#
TK 3502GB30 Days*5000*506#
TK 5004GB30 Days*5000*508#
TK 9008GB30 Days*5000*509#
TK 150015GB30 Days*5000*510#

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Social Pack Banglalink Internet Packages

Generally, Banglalink social pack contains all bl MB offer for using social networks only. This social pack can also be called the Banglalink IMO pack, Banglalink FB pack, Banglalink Youtube pack, Banglalink Whatsapp pack, etc. Most internet customers are very addicted to social networks, So these offer for social users only.

PriceSocial PackValidityActivation Code
TK 1.530MB Facebook4 Days*5000*414#
TK 7100MB Social7 Days*5000*576#
TK 10250MB IMO7 Days*5000*725#
TK 191GB Youtube2 Days*5000*345#

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Recharge Banglalink Internet Packages:

Right here, I’m offering all the info of Banglalink internet recharge packages. Which you can recharge and enjoy it. The next is a list of offers that can be made available mobile recharge. We have talked about the amount of price and duration of the Banglalink recharge Internet packages there. You’ll be able to recharge the amount to following this listing.

PriceData PackValidity
TK 36500MB7 Days
TK 991.5GB7 Days
TK 1292.5GB7 Days
TK 2091.5GB+200 MB Bonus30 Days
TK 3993GB30 Days

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1GB Banglalink Internet Packages

I’ve created a brand new list separating 1GB internet offers from Banglalink. I’ve made the mandatory preparations to get a 1gb internet offer. Require to activate the USD Code and the equivalent cash recharge. You see the lists :

PriceData PackValidityActivation Code
Tk. 361 GB4 Days*5000*36#
Tk. 761 GB7 Days*5000*76#
Tk. 1991 GB30 Days*5000*503#
Tk. 2101GB30 Days*5000*581#
Tk. 2751.5 GB30 Days*5000*511#

BL 3GB Internet Offer

Banglalink has to release 3Gb internet offer pack lists. 1st 3GB internet offer pack at 99 Taka. 2nd internet pack offer is 3GB at 249 Taka. Banglalink internet offer 3Gb is so amazingly popular offer. If you like a 3Gb pack, then you can buy it. 3GB bl internet offer below:

PriceData PackValidityActivation Code
99 TK3GB7 Days*5000*566#
249 TK3GB30 Days*5000*249#

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BL 5GB Internet Offer

Banglalink has to release 5GB internet offer pack lists. 1st 5GB internet offer pack at 108 Taka. 2nd internet pack offer is 5GB at 399 Taka. Banglalink internet offer 5GB is so amazingly popular offer. If you like a 5GB pack, then you can buy it. 5GB bl internet offer below:

Price Data Pack Validity Activation Code
108 TK5GB7 days*5000*108#
399 TK5GB30 Days*5000*599#

BL 6GB Internet Offer

Banglalink has to release a 6GB internet offer pack. Banglalink 6GB internet offer pack at 129 Taka. Banglalink internet offer 6GB is so amazingly popular offer. 6GB bl internet offer details below:

  • Price:  129Tk
  • Data Pack: 6GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Activation Code: *5000*577#

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BL 7GB Internet Offer

Banglalink has to release a 7GB internet offer pack. Banglalink 7GB internet offer pack at 499 Taka. Banglalink internet offer 7GB is so amazingly popular offer. 7GB bl internet offer details below:

  • Price:  499Tk
  • Data Pack: 7GB
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Activation Code: *5000*508#

BL 10GB Internet Offer

Banglalink has to release a 10GB internet offer pack. Banglalink 10GB internet offer pack at 199 Taka. Banglalink internet offer 10GB is so amazingly popular offer. 5GB bl internet offer details below:

  • Price:  199Tk
  • Data Pack: 10GB
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Activation Code: *5000*199#

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Final Word

Banglalink internet packages are so excited to offer. If you like any bl internet offer pack, then you buy it. Banglalink is such a popular network in Bangladesh. I hope you like this article.

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