Are Orchids Good Gifts? What You Need to Know

Are you attempting to determine what to get your good friend, neighbour, relative, or colleague as a Christmas or housewarming gift? Maybe you’re wracking your mind for birthday gift concepts. Regardless of the event, orchids make an incredible present for any of your friends or acquaintances. These flowering beauties are versatile and may be stored alive by even probably the most abysmal gardeners – no green thumb required.

Are orchids good gifts? Orchids make glorious gifts for many causes. Their blooms are lovely and final for a very long time, and they’re simple to take care of and can often bloom repeatedly for a few years. Orchids are reasonably priced, visually attractive, and transported, making them an incredible gift for various events.

Still not convinced? Read on to be taught more about why orchids are among the best presents you can provide and a far higher gift to receive.

are orchids good gifts

Why Orchids Make Excellent Gifts

In the event you’ve ever thought of buying flowers as a gift, you could have found yourself hesitant to pay the steep price ticket borne by bouquets or vases of reduced flowers.

Minimize arrangements often price upward of thirty dollars – and that’s only a beginning worth, with dearer flowers like roses and dahlias growing exponentially in price.

After just a few weeks of sitting in a vase crammed with water and flower meals, what inevitably occurs? The flowers die. Unfortunately, such is the fate of reducing flowers once you give them as a gift.

Live flowers, alternatively, can final indefinitely, offering the chance to gift an enduring, significant association. For a similar price (and sometimes much less) of a reduced arrangement, a container of stay flowers or a potted houseplant will final for months or years at a time, offering the recipient with a limitless bounty of enjoyment and visual attraction.

Of all houseplants, orchids are one of many best plants to take care of. They adapt simply to windowsills, in addition to the harsh growing conditions introduced by fluorescent lights. These orchid plants bloom for several months, generally from autumn to spring. However, some blossom persistently all year long.

Orchids are among the most significant blooming flower households, with over 25,000 species and 100,000 different varieties. Wild orchids grow on each continent on this planet, excluding Antarctica, and are surprisingly simple to grow as houseplants. Symbolizing thoughtfulness, allure, love, magnificence, and fertility, these versatile crops make an incredible gift for anyone in your gift listing.

Orchids may be bought in a wide range of colors, and plenty of orchids truly change shade over time. You may begin with an orchid that’s pale pink and find yourself with one that’s burgundy-spotted. You by no means know what you’re going to get.

You should purchase an orchid in nearly every form and size, with miniature varieties accessible as potted plants. They’re accessible in each shade, however black, with many that include delectable fragrances, not like chocolate or vanilla.

In the summertime, orchids may be moved exterior to embellish the deck and offer any dwelling a unique look. Within the winter, merely convey them again inside, the place they’ll thrive in your windowsill or well-lit desk. They’ll give an office, lounge, or in any other case bland house a lush, tropical improvement – for minimal expense.

Orchids may also help alter seasons extra bearable, a plus for these living in colder climates. Cheery and bright orchids convey a breath of recent air into nearly any room. They’re glorious as a Mother’s Day, birthday, get-effective, or congratulatory gift. That’s proper – orchids are an improbable current for nearly any event.

Health Advantages Of Orchids

The orchid is among the oldest plants on this planet, with its closest plant ancestor dating again almost 80 million years. Orchids had been seemingly current when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and. In contrast, they’d get a surge in recognition within the mid-1800s and early 1900s; they’re experiencing a resurgence as one of many United States’ favourite indoor plants.

Keeping indoor houseplants generally is helpful to your health. However, orchids are notably beneficial. They take in carbon dioxide and switch oxygen again into the air. They may also help purify the air in your bedroom, and in addition, supply stress aid. Orchids have been confirmed to spice up temper, in addition, to reducing your threat of specific ailments caused by stress and poor air quality, comparable to cardiovascular issues.

Orchids may also help promote therapeutic throughout a time of harm or illness. Since their presence purifies the air and reduces stress (in addition to boosting your temper!), orchids are excellent gifts for people who find themselves sick or within the hospital. These miracle plants may also help you focus, bettering your focus and enhancing your quality of life.

Orchids improve the humidity of their surroundings, and in addition, favor moist growing surroundings in turn. Due to this, you might find that you’re much less liable to seasonal circumstances associated with drying weather, comparable to a sore throat, cough, dry pores and skin, and even the flu.

are orchids good housewarming gifts

Why Orchids Are Better Than Other Plants

In contrast to some houseplants, which are highly susceptible to adjustments in temperature, season, or growing conditions, orchids are highly versatile. These plants can tolerate delivery and match simply in a field, making it simple to send an orchid cross-nation to a good friend or relative in one other state.

Plus, because orchids bloom for a very long time, you don’t have to fret concerning the novelty of the gift wearing off any time quickly. In contrast to a lily, which blooms briefly after which dies, an orchid produces blooms that final for weeks at a time. This means your presence is much, much less more likely to be tossed within the trash by an owner who’s sick of trying on the same old greenery.

Whereas freshly reduced flowers will start to wilt in only some days and switch brown inside every week, orchids will typically bloom for over three months, relying on the species. They supply a long-lasting burst of shade to convey a smile to the face of your good friend or member of the family.

What To Look For In An Orchid Gift

When deciding on your orchid, inspect it rigorously for any injury. Yellow, drooping, or broken leaves are all indicators of poor care. Inspect the roots to make sure they’re neither shrivelled nor displaying any indicators of root rot. Scorched leaves can point out that an excessive amount of light has been obtained. It is best to keep away from buying any orchid with evidence of poor care, even when you assume you may have the ability to reverse the condition.

It would help if you also looked intently to find out how the orchid is potted. The most effective growing media for orchids embody redwood bark, sphagnum peat moss, potting soil, and cork.

Take note of the kind of orchid being grown, as totally different varieties favor different growing mediums. If you are going to buy an orchid that’s not potted ideally, you’ll always be able to repot it earlier than giving it to your friend or member of the family.

One other good tip is to select an orchid that still has a lot of unopened buds. These will open slowly over time and mean the orchid will bloom for much longer than a plant already in full bloom.

You must also take care to smell the orchid you intend on giving as a gift. Some orchids scent pleasant, like chocolate or vanilla; however, other varieties bear a smell not like that of rotting meat.

Earlier to gifting your orchid, ensure you hold it at an acceptable temperature. Orchids can tolerate colder or hotter temperatures; however, they favor reasonable temperatures about fifteen degrees cooler in the evening than throughout the day. This helps to encourage blooming and productive progress.

Whereas an orchid might not be the best present for everybody – comparable to a child or a person who vehemently hates indoor plants (do these people exist? We hope not!) – they’re a phenomenal selection for nearly anybody in your gift listing for any event this year.

Still not convinced that an orchid is a superb gift to provide or obtain? Contemplate our FAQ about orchids, which ought to show you how to make the ultimate decision to present this long-lasting gift to the particular person you like.

What Is The Best Way To Gift An Orchid?

One of the simplest ways to give a friend or member of the family an orchid gift is to take action with loads of thought and consideration. It shouldn’t be introduced as simply one other factor the recipient has to take care of; however, as an alternative as the chance to nurture life and to create a more lovely environment inside their residence.

To do that, think about giving the recipient a guide on orchid care or some orchid-themed gifts to go together with the plant. It will make the item more luxurious and fewer of one other chore they should attend.

How Do I Take Care Of An Orchid?

Orchids are generally grown indoor plants, and most species are simple to take care of—water at any time when the soil is dry to the touch and placed in oblique sunlight. Take a look at the orchid part of this website for any recommendations about all aspects of orchid care.